The Fundamentals of a Kettlebell Instructor Course

As a fitness instructor, you are always trying to provide the most effective workout approach to your clients. And one of the best ways of doing that is to include kettlebell training in your regular workout sessions.

If you have never offered kettlebells to your clients before, now is the time to do so as the popularity of kettlebell training is soaring like never before. All you need to do is complete your basic kettlebell courses for trainers and you are ready to take your career to newer heights. Be sure to check out the best fitness courses.

Why Enrol for Kettlebell Instructor Course

The demand among clients for kettlebell training has been rising steadily for the past few decades. As a professional fitness instructor, it is crucial for you to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills of kettlebell training through kettlebell courses so that you can take maximum advantage of its growing demands and reach out to more clients.

Kettlebell instructor courses teach you a plethora of workout moves using the kettlebells. On completing the course, you will be able to master over hundreds of different workout combinations of varying difficulty so as to make your training sessions more enjoyable, dynamic, challenging and result-oriented.

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During the course, you will not only know how to demonstrate each and every workout precisely but will also be able to coach your clients on how to do them correctly and perfectly. This is absolutely crucial as the course teaches you how to avoid client injuries during sessions with proper emphasis on spotting techniques and cueing.

And most importantly, such courses shape you into a real professional kettlebell instructor who knows how to coach his clients with complete confidence. You will learn why exercise is important for good health and the safest way of exercising regularly. Each and every exercise taught at the course is broken down into different phases with levels of progression, regression and auxiliary workouts.

There is also great emphasis on how to motivate clients, guide them correctly towards their fitness goals and teach them how to enjoy their daily workout sessions.

Fundamental Aspects of Kettlebell Instructor Course

Kettlebell training courses are offered by several top-rated training institutes across Australia. On completing the course, you will receive a certificate that will have to be renewed at regular intervals so as to ensure you are in sync with the latest techniques and innovations in kettlebell training. The certificate also provides valuable CEC points that increase your professional appeal.

Kettlebell courses are taught by some of the nation’s most trusted, passionate and knowledgeable kettlebell trainers. During the course, you will learn to master the fundamental moves of kettlebell training such as the rack, swings, cleans, squat, rows, military press, windmill, deadlift, pushups and so on.

The fundamentals also include indentifying the common beginners’ problems and how to resolve them so that you can offer seamless training to clients with complete confidence.

You will also learn how to integrate kettlebells into your regular workout sessions and receive a manual with detailed instructions on creating new workouts using kettlebells. Click here for more on kettlebell instructor certification.

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Gym?

Most of the Irish personal trainers in the industry desire to open their own gym at some point of their career. Conducting personal training courses and having an independent fitness business must be a decision that is taken after putting a lot of thought into it. There are various factors that you must consider.

Facility type

When you think of opening an gym business, you can go for a one stop shop like business model wherein a range of services are offered with something for such as sports training, injury rehabilitation, toning, weight loss, kids fitness, maternity fitness, older population fitness etc. The other option is to open a gym that specializes in a specific number of niche areas and provide worldwide courses to specific type of clients. Both the business models have their pros and cons.

Location and space considerations

A gym requires a location. If you have your own place that can be used up to make your gym, you will be saving on the money spent in the rent. Also, you can design it as per your taste and requirements without requiring permission from anyone. If you are looking to rent a place, you must have finances in place to pay for the initial deposit and the rent.


Personal training courses have various training programs that require fitness equipment. The equipment that you will require depends on the types of trainings that you provide. You can either buy or get the gym equipment on rent. For personal trainers who are setting up their business, it is better to lease expensive equipment.

This is advantageous because you only have to pay the lease. Generally companies that lease the equipment, do the maintenance of the equipment as a part of the contract. When new models of the equipment come out, leasing companies provide them on discounts to their clients and hence it may be beneficial to you.


Associated costs

There are a fixed set of costs that are the same every month. They include electricity bills, water bills, cleaning and housekeeping charges, telephone and internet bills, stationery costs and staff payments. Before you start your gym, do some research and get to know how much these payments come to. These are payments that you will have to keep aside every month.

Marketing your business

When you set up your gym business, you have to market your business in full force. In order to sell your services to clients, maximum modes of marketing must be employed. This depends a great deal on your budget they require investment.

Financial readiness

It is important to be financially ready before you take the big plunge. Renting a place in Ireland or getting equipments on lease require a certain amount to be paid as a security deposit. Also many companies will need to see your financial stability and will need tax returns of at least three years. You will also need finances to invest in other resourc4es for your gym.

Starting a gym where you provide personal training courses in Ireland and be an owner of a fitness business requires passion, dedication and perseverance. It also means that you have patience and have the drive necessary to run a business. Start with a good business plan and look into all aspects of what you would require as a gym owner before you take the final decision and you are sure to succeed with lots of hard work.

Signs Your Personal Trainer is Not Qualified and Experienced Enough

Hiring your very own personal trainer can be wonderful for your health. You can learn how to develop and sustain a healthy lifestyle and make the right choices regarding diet and nutrition. You can also enjoy a more active life and stay away from the doctor more often. A few months with personal trainers Brighton can really change your life for the better and help you to enjoy and indulge in a variety of outdoor and indoor activities. However, with more and more people taking to regular exercise in a big way; there is no dearth of ‘competent’ trainers in the market. But not all of them are made the same and you must always check thoroughly before hiring just any trainer and entrusting your health to him.

How to Identify a Proficient Personal Trainer 

When it comes to hiring a Brighton personal trainer, qualifications and experience can make all the difference. This is because somebody who is not qualified or experienced enough can never guide you safely and efficiently towards your fitness goal. A novice trainer can make costly mistakes that will have serious repercussions on your health. You can easily pull a muscle or become prone to more severe long-term health complications. You will also not achieve the desired results within the stipulated time if your trainer does not know how to create the right kind of programme for you.

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Ask for Qualification Certificates

A competent personal trainer with genuine certification will never hesitate to show you his credentials. He has nothing to hide and you can check out his speciality to understand if he is truly capable of tackling your individual condition. Shady trainers who have done their training from average institutions may baulk at the idea of having to show their certificates to clients.

Ask for Past References 

Similarly, reliable and reputable Brighton personal trainers will always furnish details of past clients whom they have helped to achieve fitness goals similar to yours. Always go through the references thoroughly and if required, call up a few of them and speak personally about their experience. Avoid trainers who avoid giving details of past clients because of any ‘confidentiality clause’.

Ask for a Clear Timeframe 

Only qualified and experienced personal trainers in Brighton have the knowledge and expertise required to create a professional workout plan. Such a plan is essential if you want to achieve fitness goals within a specific time. Poorly qualified trainers will never commit themselves to a timeframe and will try to hold on to clients for as long as they can.

 Ask for a Diet Plan 

Another good way of checking the capability of a personal trainer is to ask for a comprehensive diet plan. Healthy diet and proper nutrition should be an integral part of effective Brighton personal training programmes and all certified and competent trainers are aware of this. They will always create a meal plan especially suited for individual clients and offer you tips on healthy eating and lifestyle. On the other hand, shady trainers will try to sell nutritional supplements and over-the-counter preparations as health boosters.


Exercises that Burn Fat and Tone your Body together

Exercising is like saving money in the bank. The more stores you put in the more well insured your body is. If you want to look fabulous and fit always then investing in personal trainers Bondi is a must. The trainers will show you how to keep a holistic approach towards fitness. If you want to lose fat real quick and tone up your body too here are some super exercises to show you the way.

Do the push ups

Push-ups have been there for ages and still enjoy huge popularity amongst participants in boot camps. This humble exercise will tone up your wobbly bits in no time and burn fat at high speed. If you do not know how to do push-ups then ask the personal trainers Bondi to give you a full demonstration.

Suck in your belly button and keep your elbows bended to 90 degrees. Finally try pushing up the upper body by using your arms. The first few ones will be difficult but they will do you a world of good.

Learn the prisoner squat

Keep your hands firmly behind your head and use your core body strength with this exercise. The squat is recommended by almost all outdoor personal trainers in Bondi as a great fat burner and toner.

To do the prisoner squat you have to stand with a shoulders distance between your feet. Drop your body until the hips are parallel to the ground. You could try squatting till you reach the height of the seat of a chair which is put behind you.

Have fun with jumping jacks

Not only are jumping jacks great for burning fat but they are great fun to do. You just have to try out one to be hooked to this simple exercise. The Bondi personal fitness trainers will teach you to stand with your feet together and hands clasped firmly to the sides. Now jump swiftly and stretch out your legs while shooting up your hands to on top of the head. This exercise is great for body conditioning too.

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Learn to mountain climb

Mock mountain climbs are hard to learn but they are the top fat burners in the fitness industry. Personal trainers in Bondi will need to demonstrate this one for you. The exercise will require you to lie flat and try bringing your foot close to your chest. The next step is to try landing the foot on the chest.

Use the plank

The plank is an effective exercise for toning down the core body and working out upper body muscles. This exercise requires you to support your body on your elbows and toes. Make sure that a straight line is drawn through the ankles and hips straight up to the shoulders. The belly button should be pushed up to the spine area.

If you can do all these exercises at one go then you have learnt a top notch body toning fat burning workout, check out this wesite for more exercise ideas.