Exercises that Burn Fat and Tone your Body together

Exercising is like saving money in the bank. The more stores you put in the more well insured your body is. If you want to look fabulous and fit always then investing in personal trainers Bondi is a must. The trainers will show you how to keep a holistic approach towards fitness. If you want to lose fat real quick and tone up your body too here are some super exercises to show you the way.

Do the push ups

Push-ups have been there for ages and still enjoy huge popularity amongst participants in boot camps. This humble exercise will tone up your wobbly bits in no time and burn fat at high speed. If you do not know how to do push-ups then ask the personal trainers Bondi to give you a full demonstration.

Suck in your belly button and keep your elbows bended to 90 degrees. Finally try pushing up the upper body by using your arms. The first few ones will be difficult but they will do you a world of good.

Learn the prisoner squat

Keep your hands firmly behind your head and use your core body strength with this exercise. The squat is recommended by almost all outdoor personal trainers in Bondi as a great fat burner and toner.

To do the prisoner squat you have to stand with a shoulders distance between your feet. Drop your body until the hips are parallel to the ground. You could try squatting till you reach the height of the seat of a chair which is put behind you.

Have fun with jumping jacks

Not only are jumping jacks great for burning fat but they are great fun to do. You just have to try out one to be hooked to this simple exercise. The Bondi personal fitness trainers will teach you to stand with your feet together and hands clasped firmly to the sides. Now jump swiftly and stretch out your legs while shooting up your hands to on top of the head. This exercise is great for body conditioning too.

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Learn to mountain climb

Mock mountain climbs are hard to learn but they are the top fat burners in the fitness industry. Personal trainers in Bondi will need to demonstrate this one for you. The exercise will require you to lie flat and try bringing your foot close to your chest. The next step is to try landing the foot on the chest.

Use the plank

The plank is an effective exercise for toning down the core body and working out upper body muscles. This exercise requires you to support your body on your elbows and toes. Make sure that a straight line is drawn through the ankles and hips straight up to the shoulders. The belly button should be pushed up to the spine area.

If you can do all these exercises at one go then you have learnt a top notch body toning fat burning workout, check out this wesite www.dangerouslyfit.com.au/boot-camp/ for more exercise ideas.