The Fundamentals of a Kettlebell Instructor Course

As a fitness instructor, you are always trying to provide the most effective workout approach to your clients. And one of the best ways of doing that is to include kettlebell training in your regular workout sessions.

If you have never offered kettlebells to your clients before, now is the time to do so as the popularity of kettlebell training is soaring like never before. All you need to do is complete your basic kettlebell courses for trainers and you are ready to take your career to newer heights. Be sure to check out the best fitness courses.

Why Enrol for Kettlebell Instructor Course

The demand among clients for kettlebell training has been rising steadily for the past few decades. As a professional fitness instructor, it is crucial for you to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills of kettlebell training through kettlebell courses so that you can take maximum advantage of its growing demands and reach out to more clients.

Kettlebell instructor courses teach you a plethora of workout moves using the kettlebells. On completing the course, you will be able to master over hundreds of different workout combinations of varying difficulty so as to make your training sessions more enjoyable, dynamic, challenging and result-oriented.

kettlebell workout

During the course, you will not only know how to demonstrate each and every workout precisely but will also be able to coach your clients on how to do them correctly and perfectly. This is absolutely crucial as the course teaches you how to avoid client injuries during sessions with proper emphasis on spotting techniques and cueing.

And most importantly, such courses shape you into a real professional kettlebell instructor who knows how to coach his clients with complete confidence. You will learn why exercise is important for good health and the safest way of exercising regularly. Each and every exercise taught at the course is broken down into different phases with levels of progression, regression and auxiliary workouts.

There is also great emphasis on how to motivate clients, guide them correctly towards their fitness goals and teach them how to enjoy their daily workout sessions.

Fundamental Aspects of Kettlebell Instructor Course

Kettlebell training courses are offered by several top-rated training institutes across Australia. On completing the course, you will receive a certificate that will have to be renewed at regular intervals so as to ensure you are in sync with the latest techniques and innovations in kettlebell training. The certificate also provides valuable CEC points that increase your professional appeal.

Kettlebell courses are taught by some of the nation’s most trusted, passionate and knowledgeable kettlebell trainers. During the course, you will learn to master the fundamental moves of kettlebell training such as the rack, swings, cleans, squat, rows, military press, windmill, deadlift, pushups and so on.

The fundamentals also include indentifying the common beginners’ problems and how to resolve them so that you can offer seamless training to clients with complete confidence.

You will also learn how to integrate kettlebells into your regular workout sessions and receive a manual with detailed instructions on creating new workouts using kettlebells. Click here for more on kettlebell instructor certification.