Are You Ready to Start Your Own Gym?

Most of the Irish personal trainers in the industry desire to open their own gym at some point of their career. Conducting personal training courses and having an independent fitness business must be a decision that is taken after putting a lot of thought into it. There are various factors that you must consider.

Facility type

When you think of opening an gym business, you can go for a one stop shop like business model wherein a range of services are offered with something for such as sports training, injury rehabilitation, toning, weight loss, kids fitness, maternity fitness, older population fitness etc. The other option is to open a gym that specializes in a specific number of niche areas and provide worldwide courses to specific type of clients. Both the business models have their pros and cons.

Location and space considerations

A gym requires a location. If you have your own place that can be used up to make your gym, you will be saving on the money spent in the rent. Also, you can design it as per your taste and requirements without requiring permission from anyone. If you are looking to rent a place, you must have finances in place to pay for the initial deposit and the rent.


Personal training courses have various training programs that require fitness equipment. The equipment that you will require depends on the types of trainings that you provide. You can either buy or get the gym equipment on rent. For personal trainers who are setting up their business, it is better to lease expensive equipment.

This is advantageous because you only have to pay the lease. Generally companies that lease the equipment, do the maintenance of the equipment as a part of the contract. When new models of the equipment come out, leasing companies provide them on discounts to their clients and hence it may be beneficial to you.


Associated costs

There are a fixed set of costs that are the same every month. They include electricity bills, water bills, cleaning and housekeeping charges, telephone and internet bills, stationery costs and staff payments. Before you start your gym, do some research and get to know how much these payments come to. These are payments that you will have to keep aside every month.

Marketing your business

When you set up your gym business, you have to market your business in full force. In order to sell your services to clients, maximum modes of marketing must be employed. This depends a great deal on your budget they require investment.

Financial readiness

It is important to be financially ready before you take the big plunge. Renting a place in Ireland or getting equipments on lease require a certain amount to be paid as a security deposit. Also many companies will need to see your financial stability and will need tax returns of at least three years. You will also need finances to invest in other resourc4es for your gym.

Starting a gym where you provide personal training courses in Ireland and be an owner of a fitness business requires passion, dedication and perseverance. It also means that you have patience and have the drive necessary to run a business. Start with a good business plan and look into all aspects of what you would require as a gym owner before you take the final decision and you are sure to succeed with lots of hard work.